Attorney Marc Sackin assists individuals filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in a discreet and hassle-free manner.  He is also successful representing Creditors in collection of debts owed by Debtors whom have filed for Bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 is designed for people who are having financial difficulties and are not able to re-pay their debts.  Clients qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with an average gross monthly income below the Median Income, a gross income less certain expenses is below the Median Income, or with a showing of “special circumstances” that would allow qualification for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Under Federal and State Law exempt property may include: most or all of your assets, retirement accounts, pensions, and social security benefits.

Once your Chapter 7 case is over, you receive a Discharge. The discharge prevents your creditors from taking any steps to try to collect their unsecured debt. They cannot call you, write you, sue you, or take any steps that could be considered an attempt to collect its debt. If you want to keep property that has a lien on it, you must keep your payments current, and may be required to reaffirm your debt.