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Estate planning is a valuable activity that allows you to protect and distribute your property and finances during your lifetime and after your death. It can help you provide for a relative with special needs, arrange for your long-term health care and appoint a decision-maker in case you become incapacitated. At Starr Sackin PLLC, our lawyers apply their 50 years of combined experience to helping people in Oakland and Lapeer counties and elsewhere in Michigan develop comprehensive estate plans using a full arsenal of legal tools. Our goal is give you peace of mind that your financial future is secure and that your family will be provided for.

Drafting wills that accomplish your intent

A will is the primary means by which you can fulfill your wish to distribute property upon your death to a relative or other person or entity, such as a domestic partner, a friend or a charity. It can also be used to establish trusts and guardianships for children or disabled persons. A will also lets you name an executor who will take care of managing and distributing your estate. Our lawyers have experience in drafting detailed, well-thought-out wills and making sure they are valid, minimizing the potential for contests after your death.

Using living wills to deal with end-of-life decisions

A living will gives instructions about how you want decisions about medical care and treatment to be made in the event you become unable to do so because of incapacitation or permanent unconsciousness. We can create a living will specifying precise medical conditions in which you want certain types of life-sustaining measure to be taken or withheld. We can also draft a durable power of attorney by which you can appoint a person known as a patient advocate to make these decisions.

Creation of trusts for varied purposes

Trusts are legal instruments that hold and transfer property subject to specified restrictions and conditions. Assets distributed using trusts bypass the probate process and can also be sheltered from certain taxes. Trusts can be revocable or irrevocable during your lifetime and can be structured so that they survive your death. An effective use of trusts is to provide for the care of a child or person with special needs. Our attorneys can analyze your family and financial situation to help you decide if a trust should factor into your estate planning.

Effective long-term care planning

We help clients plan for the anticipated costs of long-term health care late in life, either for themselves or for loved ones. This includes establishing eligibility for Medicaid by taking advantage of legal exceptions that avoid spending down assets or giving up homes. We also advocate for our clients seeking acceptance to assisted living facilities, arguing for the sufficiency of their financial portfolios and established Medicaid rates.

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